Meet our Staff

The staff and teachers here at Northwoods Child Development Center are fully equipped, trained and qualified. They are all professional and experienced individuals in the field of child care and early childhood education. Some have experience working with Wisconsin children for decades.

Each day, our teachers follow daily plans that are educational, creative, fun and age appropriate.  To ensure we maintain high professional standards, our wonderful staff have many opportunities to continue their education both with in-house training, workshops, and educational opportunities outside the Center.  These ongoing trainings help ensure our staff have the skills and resources they need to provide the best child care and development services to your child.

Come back soon to see pictures and bios of each of our valued staff members!

Meet the Staff

Teri Mason, Director, Level 14 on the Wisconsin Registry

Patricia Habeck, Infant Teacher, Level 11 on the Wisconsin Registry

Brianna Holmberg, Infant Co-Teacher, Level 9 on the Wisconsin Registry

Ashley Hope, Infant Assistant Teacher and Floating Assistant

Missy Egland, One Year Old Class, Co-Teacher, Level 8 on the Wisconsin Registry

Lindsey Kern, One Year Old Class, Co-Teacher, Registry Applied for. BA Elementary, K-6

Kim Mason, Two Year Old Class, Teacher, Registry Level 11

Taylor Yow, Two Year Old Class, Assistant Teacher

Brittany Pirus, Three Year Old Class, Teacher, Registry Level 11

Wendy Kanitz, Four Year Old Class, Teacher, Registry Level 11

Linda Wright, Floating Teacher, Registry Level 4

Vivian Cole- Our Fabulous Cook who creates our Breakfast, Lunch and Afternoon Snack

Jamie Hall- Cleaning Specialist and Sometimes, Floating Assistant