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Happening Now:  Free Daycare for Employees with Children!

We are currently looking for outstanding "Teachers and Assistant Teachers" to join our teaching team.

Come take a Tour! It's a great place to work and for your child to grow and learn!
Great Hours * No Holidays * No Weekends * Will Pay for Education and Training
Contact our Director, Wendy Kanitz at 715-479-7529, or

Check us out on Facebook for photos, news and resources!
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Bringing 30+ Years of Experience to Eagle River Wisconsin! 

Northwoods Child Development Center provides a happy, warm, nurturing, positive, loving, and safe environment that fosters the growth and development of the whole child. We will nurture the joy of discovery and learning in your child.

Our Philosophy

The Philosophy of Northwoods Child Development Center is to provide quality childcare and preschool education as well as school age programs for children of parents who work outside the home. We provide a stimulating learning environment planned to meet the individual needs of the children and parents. Our major emphasis is learning through play!

Our teachers give infants warm and caring attention. Infants receive an abundance of tummy time, walks, affection, and opportunities to crawl and explore in a safe daycare environment. 


Toddlers develop social and self-help skills in a nurturing child care environment while given choices to make each day special and fun through a balance of activities throughout the day. 


Our preschool program prepares your preschooler for Kindergarten and beyond through a mix of learning through play by following the development of the whole child and their independence.  

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