Coloring Books 


Paint Brushes 

Toxic Free Paint 



Pipe Cleaners 

Needle and Thread 

Embroidery Hoops 

Glue and Glue Sticks 

Hot Glue Gun Glue Sticks 

Construction Paper 





Tongs and Tweezers 

Small Pitchers 

Cookie cutters 

Muffin Tins 


Ice trays 

Plastic  Dishes 

Pots and Pans






Recycle, Reuse, Donate

At Northwoods Child Development Center we put a lot of effort into offering unique crafts, activities, and projects for our kids.  We don’t spare expense when it comes to keeping our supplies full of unique items.  We also embrace the “eco-friendly" idea of recycling and re-using items that would normally go to waste.  Recycling and sustainability is an important concept to introduce to young and school age children.  It will only become a more important part of their lives in the future. 

It's our goal to give children opportunities to find new ways to reuse and recycle  materials.  Amazingly enough, when the kids dig into recyclable materials their imaginations astound us! This is when they really shine.  They come up with very imaginative ways to create and play.   

With this in mind, we have put together some ideas to implement ways you can help.  

This entire cycle of giving and donating can really be a blessing to everyone involved.  Spread the word to your child’s grandparents, extended family, neighbors and friends. When your child comes home with a new craft be sure to reciprocate by gifting it to those involved or let your child share the details about a specific activity they completed.  We thank-you in advance for your involvement and participation in this endeavor! 


Egg Cartons - Look what we can do!

Toilet and Paper Towel Rolls - Look what we can do! 

Water Bottles - Look At what we can do!

Laundry Detergent Bottles - Look what we can do!

Cardboard Boxes -  Look what we can do!

Newspaper and Magazines -  Look what we can do!

Bottle Caps - Look what we can do!

And more... 

Gently Used Items Wish List

We have a “gently used” items wish list.  It includes items and supplies (infant to 12 years) we replenish on a daily/weekly basis.  Often times as we sort through items at home, we think to take things to the local thrift shop.  We encourage you to check with us first to see if any of the items can be used here at the center.  

Rattles and Infant Toys 

Children's Books 

Cribs & Bassinets (must meet current state and pediatric safety standards) 

Crib Sheets and Blankets

Toys and Games 

Clothing & Shoes

Back Packs  

Outdoor Playground Equipment

Sports and Gym Equipment 

Other Donation Resources

There are other local businesses that have unique items they may be willing to donate.  If you have the inclination to ask any of the businesses below or perhaps you have a connection to any of the businesses below we welcome your assistance getting some of the items below.    

Newspaper:  ask for the end roll pick up day 

Office Supply Store:   out dated calendars, paper 

Print Shop:  scrap paper or card stock paper 

Lumber Yard :  wood scraps 

Home Improvement:  wallpaper books, carpet remnants, paint samples, paint sample cards 

Dramatic Theme Based Play 

We do a lot of dramatic and theme-based play.  We are always looking to enhance “pretend” businesses and occupations.  Below are some dramatic play ideas and lists of supplies we can introduce to our kids.   

Construction/Architect: old blueprints, hard hats, etc. 

Doctor/Nurse: old x-rays band aids, etc. 

Dentist:  toothbrushes, floss, paste, etc. 

Restaurants: old menus, pizza boxes, disposable dinnerware 

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