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We welcome families and parents who want to be involved and volunteer in classrooms.   There are ways to volunteer.  You can help by organizing class holiday parties and special events, or come in and decorate a seasonal classroom door or bulletin board.  We always encourage parents who would like to introduce a new craft project or science experiment.  If your less creative and more administrative, come help us with surveys or sit and read a book.  More important than the actual task you perform, is the connection your child sees between you and the people they spend their time with away from home.  


Keeping the lines of communication open between parents and teachers will help build a bond and a sense of trust.  In addition to the day to day communication you have with your child's teacher, we also want you to know that our Director Wendy has an open-door policy.  We understand that there may be times when parents want to discuss concerns in private.  We respect you and will handle all matters with complete confidentiality.   


Northwoods Child Development Center offers two planned parent teacher conferences in the fall and spring.  At this time the teacher will share with you your child’s portfolio and developmental checklist.  We encourage every family to attend this valuable conference.


 Your child's interests are best served when all of those who have responsibility for his or her well-being can speak freely about his or her care and development.  We adore all the families and children currently in our care. Let’s keep open minds and figure things out together, giving your child the best possible outcome.   


We are proud to serve our local community of Eagle River, WI  and surrounding Vilas county. sees between you and the people they spend their time with away from home.  Below are some resources you might enjoy: 

Walter E Olson Public Library


Northwoods Dental Project 


Northwest Connection Family Resources 


Vilas County Foster Closet


Supporting Families Together  


Northland Pines School District Before and After School Daycare 


Northland Pines Eagle River Elementary School


WECA Wisconsin Early Childhood Association


WFCCA  Wisconsin Family Child Care Association

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