Meet Our Staff

The staff and teachers here at Northwoods Child Development Center are fully equipped, trained and qualified. They are all professional and experienced individuals in the field of child care and early childhood education. Some have experience working with Wisconsin children for decades. 

Each day, our teachers follow daily plans that are educational, creative, fun and age appropriate.  To ensure we maintain high professional standards, our wonderful staff have many opportunities to continue their education both with in-house training, workshops, and educational opportunities outside the Center.  This ongoing training helps to ensure our staff have the skills and resources they need to provide the best preschool, school age, child care and development services to your child.  


A Registry membership is required by the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families in for to staff in a group center or school-age program.  We are also working to increase our rating with the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families Youngstar program.  


Terri Mason - Director, Owner  

Registry Level 14 

Kim Mason - Assistant Director 

Registry Level 12 

Wendy Kanitz  - Assistant Director, Teacher 

Registry Level 11 

Patty Habeck - Assistant Director, Teacher

Registry Level 11

Valorie Elliott - SACC  Site Director, Teacher

Registry Level 14

Main Day Care Center

Shelley Novotny, Administration, Website, Marketing

Registry Level 8

Tammy Garasha, Cleaning Technician 

Raccoons Class:  Infants to 1 Years Old

Patty Habeck, Assistant Director, Teacher

Registry Level 11

Cassidy Dobbs, Assistant Teacher

Registry Level 2


Chipmunks Class:  Infants 1 Years to 2 Years Old 

Trina Page, Teacher 

Registry Level  8

Erin Carroll,  Assistant Teacher

Registry Level 1

Bears Class:  Toddlers 2 Years to 3 Years Old

Carolyn Weber-Starling, Teacher 

Registry Level 2

Dannel Suri, Assistant Teacher

Registry Level 1

Eagles Class:  2 1/2 Years Old  to Young 3's

Elizabeth Stoehr, Teacher

Registry Level 12

Tyler Walker, Assistant Teacher

Registry Level 2

Moose Class:  Preschool 3 Years Olds to 4 Years Old

Wendy Kanitz,  Assistant Director, Teacher

Registry Level 11 

Chelsey Blask, Assistant Teacher

Registry Level 3

Floating Teachers

Sue Monson, Floating Teacher

Registry Level 1

Payton Calix - Assistant Teacher 

Registry Level  7 

SACC Beyond The Bell Class:  School Age 4 Years to 12 Years Old

Valorie Elliott,  Site Director, Teacher

Registry Level 14 

Yvette Prott, Teacher

Registry Level 7

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Northwoods Child Development Center

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SACC Beyond the Bell

Eagle River Elementary School

1700 Pleasure Island Rd. Eagle River, WI 54521


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