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Preschool Care

Our preschool program prepares your preschooler for Kindergarten and beyond through a mix of learning through play by following the development of the whole child and their independence.  We encourage children to be active and creative explorers who are not afraid to try out their ideas and to think their own thoughts.


Your preschool child will experience music, dance, rhythm, art, science, math, literacy, dramatic play, and more.  We teach preschool children good habits and attitudes, particularly a positive sense of themselves, which will make a difference throughout their lives. 

Areas of development include social, emotional, cognitive, and physical.  Teachers create weekly lesson plans with specific activities which will be posted in the classroom regularly and included in the monthly calendar with themes for the week so you can incorporate the themes into daily life at home. 

Preschoolers, Our Eagles 
Daily Routine/Schedule

Morning Group Welcome 

Table Toys, Books and Puzzles (Children Choose Activities, Multi-Age Collaboration) 

Breakfast, Clean-Up, and Bathroom 

Free Choice, All Centers Open 

Circle Time (Music and Movement) 

Outdoor Play and Gross Motor (Children Select Activities, Explore Nature, Teacher Directed) 

Morning Meeting (Share Time, Physical Music Movement, Stories and Music) 

Story Time, and Bathroom 


Rest and Quiet Activities (Children Select Fun Quiet Activities, Time to Calm Our Bodies) 

Snack, Bathroom 

Free Choice (Children Select Activities, Discovery and Exploration) 

Outdoor Play and Gross Motor (Children Select Activities and Explore Nature) 

End of Day Closings (Stories, Quiet Activities and Multi-Age Collaboration) 


Schedule is flexible and adjusted to the children’s needs.  Outdoor play is weather permitting and if needed, will be replaced with a planned physical activity.  Outdoor play includes physical activities planned by the teacher and nature exploration engaging the child in their surroundings. 

During center time all centers are available for the children to choose from.  Available centers are:  Block Center, Manipulatives, Table Toys, Dramatic Play, Cozy Area, Reading Area, Music Area, Nature, Science. 

Handwashing is incorporated as needed and during food and bathroom times as well as after outside play. 

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